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A Raking Column Safety Toolbox with 4D models

Model-based OHS Coordination

567 Collins Street project is located in the heart of Melbourne CBD and an installation of 8 large raking columns alongside Collins St was seen as a high risk activity. The contractor and Nexus Point Solutions (NPS) took the initiative to create a dedicated 3D model and further developed a 4D simulation video, to help with construction planning and communication with the workforce.

This safety initiative was nominated in the Leighton Group Excellence Award and became one of the four finalists for the Safety Category.

OHS Coordinator Daniel Neesham-Smith:
“The 3D model enabled the 567 safety team to present all the hazards associated with the erection of raking columns in a new and interactive way. Modelling the task assisted all working personnel to recognise, and appreciate, the hazards applicable to their specific works. Furthermore, the model generated great discussions from the workers who actively engaged in identifying potential safety concerns which had not been accounted for prior. It would be of great benefit to all involved if this became a standard process throughout LCPL for all critical risk activities.”

Project Engineer Shane O’Connor:
“The 3D Model allowed me to check the assumptions l and our Subcontractors had made for the installation and to assess the risk of each part of the Method Statement, to refine as we needed. If this was a standard process all of our high-risk installs throughout the Group it would make my job easier as I could have confidence in the Methodology in place after testing through the 3D Model.”

567 Collins Street is a premium grade office building being developed by Leighton Properties for Investa. NexusPoint Solutions is the BIM consultant assisting project delivery throughout the design, construction and facility management phases.

 Further details:

Simulation Video:                             Safety Toolbox with 3D models – Raking Column Installation

Leighton Finalist Awards:                NPS – Leighton Excellence Award Finalist

Marketing Video:                             567 Collins Street Rendered Video

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