Creating a Better Built Environment

Getting Started with OpenBIM

Successfully undertaking the transition to BIM project involves these tasks:

  1. Understand the concept of BIM (it’s a new way of working, not “another fancy 3D CAD program”)
  2. Create a BIM strategy for your company – it must be related to your overall company strategy, not just your IT strategy
  3. Establish your workflow methodology: adopt and adapt the new processes involved in sharing information with your clients, partners and other stakeholders
  4. Acquire new skills and procedures in your organisation, to manage the new technologies and processes
  5. Train existing staff and appoint OpenBIM Champions to assist the cultural shift
  6. Define new legal and working frameworks through particpation in  forums of industry and government, to establish new commercial relationships, acquisition of building product data, etc.


The Australian building specification organisation NATSPEC has published a paper, Getting Started with BIM, that provides some helpful advice to companies introducing BIM.

A new website, the BIM Hub, has been established as a resource for the international “BIM community” and has various articles, videos and other sources of information for those embarking on BIM projects.