buildingSMART Australasia | Mesh Conferences 2011
Creating a Better Built Environment

Mesh Conferences 2011

It’s time for Government & Industry to commit to addressing the gaps, challenges and changes need to invigorate the building sector, improve the quality of the built environment and do our part in reducing wasteful use of resources and living more sustainably.

What did the MESH conferences achieve?

Nearly 300 attendees, speakers and sponsors participated in the MESH Conference series held in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

This strong attendance reflects the growing adoption  of BIM and appreciation by the Australasian construction sector of its global importance

What was the mix of attendees?

There was (as usual) a significant percentage of architects and engineers, but also strong participation by builders, suppliers and contractors, large and small, together with local government, estimators, planners, client groups, lawyers and asset managers reflecting a broader mix than previously seen at similar events.

We were very pleased to see a significant number of builder taking part.  Builders have been slow to engage up till now, but – with more commitment from client groups – will influence the industry significantly.

What were the reactions to the idea of national adoption of BIM?

The National Strategy for the Adoption & Implementation of BIM proposal was wholeheartedly supported at all three events with an almost universal show of hands in favour. The idea of national pilots – with support from Industry and Government client groups – attracted strong support. The high priority items were BIM compatible product data, Model Building guidelines, BIM project procurement, and BIM Education/Training.

building SMART with the support of industry is ready to start the work involved as outlined in the manifesto.

Feedback from the participants has never been so positive!

buildingSMART would like to express a big Thank You! to those organisations who sponsored the Conference with contributions from Graphisoft, Thiess, AIA, Bentley, DIISR, Pacific Computing, Autodesk, Surepoint and Artra.

*The attendees of the mesh conferences were asked to submit action items and other feedback on the recommendations made in the BIM Economic Study and the buildingSMART Manifesto.  These responses were collated and form the basis of the National BIM Initiative Report (Click for more/current information)