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OBA announces its endorsement of buildingSMART’s proposal that the Australian Government take a prominent position in developing a standard approach to BIM implementation in Australia

The Open BIM Alliance of Australia (OBA) is a united group of software vendors who share the common purpose of providing certainty for Open Standard BIM exchange.  This means providing customers with the freedom to choose any BIM software solution, which meets their business needs, knowing that they can share their BIM data easily with others who use different software solutions.

The OBA, which currently includes the vendors below, has been formed to offer the Commonwealth and State Governments support for the initiatives outlined in the buildingSMART National Building Information Modelling Initiative.

Their key activities:

  • Promote the OBA and Open Standard BIM to Industry within the collective members’ businesses and constituencies.
  • Research how the Alliance can work together to drive BIM and IFC training/capability to Industry, in association with buildingSMART.
  • Collaborate to create a multi-business consulting service, which offers members customers access to expertise to assist in resolving BIM related issues.

The OBA is strongly supportive of the six initiatives described in the buildingSMART National BIM Initiative Report (follow link for more detail on the NBI).  

This is the first time an Alliance of competing vendors has formed to demonstrate the vendors’ keen interest in seeing the successful outcome of BIM in Australia.

BIM Procurement based on Open Standards

The OpenBIM Alliance of Australia has also produced a policy document.   This document advocates the use of Open Standard IFC BIM exchange, as the only internationally recognised, best practice method for the Commonwealth and States to ensure availability and usability of building information both in the near and long term.

Specifically, the OBA is able:

  • to assist project teams with their entry into the BIM environment,
  • to provide support for software enhancements within their individual products insofar as this is commercially practical
  • to engage with manufacturers, to encourage them to use openBIM formats for the creation of BIM product libraries.

The current OBA membership:







Pacific Computing


For more information contact:

Geoff Allen Chairman OBA