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Collaboration Model Setup

A group of international users want to define a standardised way for setting up a multi-disciplinary project model using IFC format data.

Often a collaborative model project has work commenced without definition of shared model setup

The result is that when commencing design coordination, clash detection etc the discipline models are not in the same location and/or have different storey names & settings

To summarise, we want to define a standardised way for setting the origin of a project model that:

  • has a proper geographic/map reference
  • ensures model coordinates are accurate
  • provides a consistent method to set up sharing
  • is implemented by all BIM Vendors


Cadastre and Site

New Survey tools such as Listech Neo are developing IFC support that allows direct integration of traditional survey data. BIM users should be able to access Land and related planning etc data directly from the respective Government agencies.

This project would review and implement a standard way of accessing and incorporating Cadastral data as starting point.

The aim is to ensure the same method is implemented by all BIM Vendors.


Site Location Issues

Project setup must include the following:

  • a proper geographic/map reference (eg GDA94)
  • ensures model coordinates are accurate
  • provides a consistent method to set up sharing
  • provides for a local origin
  • allows for documentation (rotation etc for efficient drawing management…)


IFC Model data

Project setup includes the following:

• defining storeys and/or zoning

• creating IFC high level entity structure (ifcProject, ifcSite, ifcBuilding, ifcStorey, ifcSpace) & GUIDs for collaboration synchronisation

• checking IFC se[ngs in authoring tools
• export & tes]ng a project Master Template
• crea]ng the discipline model in each team member
• coordina]on IFC En]ty mapping table with project partners • performing itera]ons and comple]on of team model

Want to be involved?

Contribute to more efficient open BIM model collaboration.

It’s desirable we have representative from as many authoring tool users as possible, so pass the message on to your clients, consultants, contractors, suppliers etc…

Contact us to register your interest and download this presentation as shared at the Sydney BIM in Asset Management Seminar Series by our Chairman John Mitchell Model Setup


Master Model: IFC Demo Project