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Infrastructure Working Group (IWG)

The IWG is a collegial, multi-disciplinary group of Australian and New Zealand infrastructure experts who are working to establish better regional engagement and focusing on critical issues the industry is facing. They aim to produce practical outputs that will assist all those working in the infrastructure delivery sector. This practical focus has led to the formation of four Task Groups:


1: Development of DE/BIM Procurement Guidelines

Leads: Simon Vaux (Transport NSW), Eric Bugeja (GHD), Will Hackney (Aurecon)

Objective is to publish guidance documentation to assist industry:

  • Based on UK standards and guidance BS1192 etc., reviewed for effectiveness and local applicability.
  • Guidance documentation for ISO19650-2 use / applicability.
  • Employer Information Requirements “how-to” guidance notes.
  • Engagement with TMR, VICroads, MRWA, etc.
  • Sydney Metro – CAD / BIM / GIS Manual- review.
  • Main Roads WA – Research Centre, Industry Challenge examples.


2: IFC Use in Infrastructure

Leads: Mike Roberts (CIMIC), Steven Coyle (Arcadis), Chris Steer (SMEC), Egils Bernovskis (CIMIC)

  • Assess practical applications of IFC & OGC.
  • IFC use for location based projects.
  • Road & rail in Germany example (IFC4).
  • Review Rail Topo Model (RTM) exchange formats.
  • Model View Definitions (MVD) applicability.
  • Liaise with bSA IFC group: Scott Beazley & Nathan Hildebrandt.


3: Site Investigation Digital Spatial/ Survey Guidelines

Lead: Brett Casson (Autodesk)

Aim to produce:

  • A set of guidelines for industry.
  • Survey standards / requirements.
  • Descriptions of various techniques and technologies, their pros, cons and accuracies (UAVs, lidar, total station, etc).
  • Mapping / coordinate systems.
  • Link and collaborate with spatial industry.
  • Engage designers, constructors, asset owners/operators as consumers of digital information.


4: Hackathon (1-day event)

Leads: Don Cameron (John Holland) and Mike Roberts (CIMIC)

  • Using IFCs to demonstrate issues, possibilities and connect with industry.


IWG Sponsorship

These four tasks represent a significant body of work of practical and time-saving value to the whole infrastructure sector. We encourage corporate supporters to align their brand with this ground-braking work by providing sponsorship. Sponsorship would grant your organisation access to a high-level network of industry experts and identify you as a leader in the BIM and Digital Engineering space. You would also receive consistent brand exposure throughout the investigatory and development phases of each Task Group, and be entitled to display your company logo on all published output documents, project updates to bSA stakeholders and all related promotional and advocacy activities. If you would like to see your company’s brand associated with this important work now and on the documentation produced for years to come, just fill in the form below:

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Working with buildingSMART International

bSA will be working with our international BIM infrastructure colleagues, whose vision statement is:

The partners of the “openInfra” initiative have the ambition to develop common principles for achieving process integration during the design, construction and maintenance phases of infrastructure development. OpenInfra believes that the development and deployment of appropriate building information models (BIM) is an important enabler for achieving the objectives.

The link to the bSI Infrastructure Content is HERE.