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After much planning over the last couple of years, and with industry funding coming mainly from Europe and more recently, an offer of support from China, buildingSMART has now begun work on a number of standards development projects in the infrastructure domain.

During 2015, the focus was on developing a standard for representing the geometric alignment of linear infrastructure entities such as roads, railways, bridges and tunnels. That project was undertaken in collaboration with the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) to ensure consistency across the spatial and construction sectors. Two follow-on projects have now commenced: one known as Alignment 1.1 to address a few identified gaps in the first schema; and the second, known as Alignment Deployment, will engage participants from across all jurisdictions to undertake some controlled implementation case studies to confirm that the standard works appropriately within that jurisdiction. Australia will be participating in that work.

The next piece of funded work, starting in February 2016, has become known as the “Overall Architecture” project, designed to deliver schema definitions and integration principles that provide a consistent approach to the incorporation of infrastructure entities within the current building-focus of IFC.

There is also a major project that will lead to the development of an IFC standard for representing Roads and Railways. This work will build on some excellent work that has been progressing in Korea and China over the last few years, but is to commence in 2016 with “Requirements Definition” project that will lock in the precise scope of an international standard based on that regional work.

The ifcBridge project is also positioned to commence work this year on an international standard, in this instance based on work undertaken by the French. The work has been broken down into well-defined work packages in order to obtain progressive funding. It is hoped that will allow the work to proceed this year.

Finally, there is a funded project to scope out the requirements for an international standard to support infrastructure asset management. This reflects the complexity of the operational and maintenance management of large scale infrastructure, highlighting the need to harness information held traditionally in separate spatial and construction databases.

If you have an interest in any of these areas and are willing to contribute your expertise to these standards projects, then contact Jim Plume who will be able to advise how you may get involved in this work. This does not need to be a massive time commitment. It primarily involves reading the material produced and participating in on-line and, where possible, face-to-face expert panel meetings.


Read more about the various project underway in the infrastructure domain:

·         Alignment Extension 1.1 Project (P6b)

·         Asset Management Requirements definition

·         Infra Overall Architecture

·         Ifc Roads & Rail – Requirements Definition

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