Creating a Better Built Environment

International Council in Beijing passes resolutions

A meeting of the International buildingSMART council was held in Beijing, and passed several resolutions, including:

1. Future certifications of software should attain high levels of quality as proposed by the end-users and endorses the Certification strategy proposed by the leader of ISG following the Munich meeting in April 2014, with particular emphasis on Chapter participation in international compliance activities and support of an International framework for certification.

2. A Regulators Room be created.

3. The proposed Vision and Mission Statement be accepted subject to substitution of the words ‘Agile: relevant and responsive’ for ‘Relevant and ready’ under Values.

4. The proposed Strategic Direction for buildingSMART, Operating Vision and Membership Model be accepted, making buildingSMART International a membership organisation, and asks ExCom to implement them in consultation with affected parties, with particular reference to the financial arrangements between buildingSMART Chapters and International, and to consider the implications of the changes on the organisation of the Toronto summit in October 2014

Download the full list of resolutions passed (pdf document)