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LandInfra: Proposed OGC Standard for Land & Civil Infrastructure

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), an international standards body like buildingSMART, only for the spatial industry, has recently released the first draft version of a new proposed standard referred to as LandInfra. The draft is out for public review, but the due date for responses is coming up fast on 2 March 2016.

The stated goal of the standard is, “to establish and document a common set of concepts that spans land and civil engineering infrastructure applications. It does not attempt to redefine application-specific concepts, but merely presents a common set of concepts from and to which the application concepts can be understood and mapped. This includes information relevant to those concepts as well as relationships that exist between the concepts.”

A core concept that is defined in LandInfra is the alignment geometry of linear infrastructure. Significantly, this was developed in close cooperation with buildingSMART so is conceptually equivalent to the recent IFC extension for alignment. It represents a strong commitment by both industry-based standards organisations to cooperate on the development of consistent standards across the spatial and construction domains. This is critically important as BIM becomes increasingly adopted across the infrastructure domain.

Having said that, LandInfra addresses several infrastructure types, including roads, railways, survey data, land features and “wet” infrastructure (such as culverts, channels, dams, drainage, etc.). That means that OGC are starting to establish spatial standards for modelling these entities well ahead of the ability of buildingSMART to develop construction information standards for those entities. Arguably, the purpose of the two standards (IFC and LandInfra) is different, the former focussed specifically on design and construction, as well as asset management. It remains to be seen how this standard may affect the development of IFC extensions for infrastructure.

The draft LandInfra standard can be found here (here)

The call for public review is:

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