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Model Setup – Integrating BIM & Geospatial

This specialised workshop, provided detailed information about geo-referencing for BIM models using Model Setup. buildingSMART Australasia (bSA) has led the global Model Setup project to formalise implementation in IFC4 and document best practice recommendations. Often a collaborative BIM model project has work commenced without definition of a shared model setup. This can lead to data disconnects because of a lack of common geospatial reference points. Also on infrastructure projects over 1km in length, the Earth’s curvature can lead to significant BIM model errors. We encourage you to watch these videos as they explain proper geographic/map referencing, how to ensure model coordinates are accurate, providing for a local origin, as well as providing a consistent method to set up sharing:

Model Setup – Why and Scope

Model Setup – Map Projections

Model Setup – IDM Development

Model Setup – Implementation

Model Setup – IFC Alignment

Download the Model Setup document series below:

Vol 1 Geo-referencing BIM_v1.2 (1.5mB)

Vol 2 Process Model_v1.4 (2.2mB)

Vol 3 Case Studies_v0.3 (5.0mB)


Updates from bSI Barcelona Summit 2017

The Barcelona Summit (held on April 3-6, 2017) was the most successful technical meeting in bSI’s history with 260 attendees (and over 120 persons turned away). International interest in the openBIM standards has expanded greatly and activity in the Building, Technical, Product and Infrastructure Rooms is growing all the time. In addition, new Rooms for Rail, Airports and now Ports and Waterways are complementing Regulatory and Construction Rooms as the full spectrum of asset types is being addressed to cover the built environment.

To keep you up-to-date, we have recorded a number of 15-20 minute presentations given recently by Jim Plume and John Mitchell (who were at the summit) and made them available on YouTube. We encourage you to watch them as they are full of useful and timely information.

bSI Overview and Product Data Management

IFC Extensions for Linear Infrastructure

BIM Skills Certification

OGC and bSI Collaboration

Model Setup

Precinct Information Modelling

Those interested in accessing any of the documents presented in Barcelona or previous summits can do so here:


Other buildingSMART International Resources

Link from this page to buildingSMART International information and resources:

buildingSMART International


The BIM Maturity Measure model

The Arup BIM Maturity Measure is a simple tool to assess the maturity of BIM implementation within projects. It is a discipline-agnostic tool that seeks to measure just how much a project has used BIM and how successful this has been. It is available here to download along with the presentation of its launch.


Scottish Futures Fund

This portal provides clear guidance in the implementation of BIM within Scottish public sector procurement and includes useful tools, such as:

  • BIM Grading Tool
  • Return on Investment Calculator
  • BIM Level 2